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If you fit one of these descriptions…

  • you’ve bought a camera but aren’t sure what memory card to use
  • your memory card is corrupted/faulty and you are not sure what to do
  • you want to expand your computer’s RAM or Hard Drive storage
  • you are looking to learn more about storage solutions

then you are in the right place!

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  • RAM Memory – Need to expand your PC’s RAM? Read our latest DDR4, and DDR5 RAM reviews
  • USB Flash Drives – Reviews and speed tests of the best USB flash drives in the market today

About SD Memory Cards

SD Memory Cards is run by Andy, filmmaker and also creator of www.projectgo.pro, the largest site for action camera and GoPro training.

He started SD Memory Cards after realizing that its fellow photographers and film makers were constantly looking for advice about the best SD Card for their cameras as well as Hard Drive storage solutions to safely store and backup their content.


Our mission with SD Memory Cards is to provide useful information about storage solutions that is both unbiased and easy to understand by anyone, including non-tech people. We are very glad to help hundreds of photographers, video makers, and all sort of content creators through our original resources.

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