As our digital dependencies increase, the need for expansive and reliable storage solutions becomes paramount. From high-definition multimedia to complex data sets, the significance of external hard drives in safeguarding our digital assets is clear. The 12TB external hard drive provide a harmonious blend of vast storage and portability, catering to various user requirements. In this article, we’ll delve into seven standout 12TB external hard drives, dissecting their features and advantages to help you pinpoint the ideal storage companion for your needs.

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7 Best External Hard Drives 12TB

Let me introduce the best 8 external hard drives with a 12TB capacity:

1. WD 12TB Elements Desktop External Hard Drive

WD 12TB Elements Desktop External...
  • High-capacity add-on storage.Specific uses: Personal
  • Fast data transfers
  • Plug-and-play ready for Windows PCs

The WD 12TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive HDD offers an external storage solution tailored for PC enthusiasts. Featuring a desktop design, it fits effortlessly into most PC work environments. This device comes equipped with a lightning-fast USB 3.0 interface, guaranteeing quick data transfers, perfect for transferring bulky files or quick data retrieval.

With its generous storage capacity combined with impressive transfer rates, it stands out as the go-to choice for those seeking enhanced storage capabilities and stellar performance.

2. Seagate Expansion 12TB External Hard Drive HDD

Seagate Expansion 12TB External...
250,920 Reviews
Seagate Expansion 12TB External...
  • Easy-to-use desktop hard drive—simply plug in the power adapter and USB...
  • Fast file transfers with USB 3.0
  • Drag-and-drop file saving right out of the box

The Seagate Expansion 12TB External Hard Drive HDD is a user-friendly storage solution, ideal for both business and personal use. Designed for hassle-free operation, users only need to connect the power adapter and USB cable to get started. With the convenience of USB 3.0, it ensures speedy file transfers.

The drag-and-drop functionality allows for effortless file storage right upon unboxing. Additionally, the drive is automatically recognized by both Windows and Mac systems, though those looking to use it with Time Machine will need to reformat the drive.

3. SanDisk Professional 12TB G-Drive Enterprise-Class External Desktop Hard Drive

SanDisk Professional 12TB G-Drive...
  • USB-C (10Gbps) drive for fast backup with up to 250MB/s read and 250MB/s write (1...
  • High-capacity, enterprise-class Ultrastar 7200RPM drive inside
  • Mac Ready, Apple Time Machine compatible; easily reformatted for Windows

The SanDisk Professional 12TB G-Drive is an enterprise-class external desktop hard drive tailored for those who prioritize performance and reliability. Whether for business, multimedia, or personal use, its USB-C (10Gbps) capability ensures impressively fast backups, boasting speeds up to 250MB/s for both reading and writing. Internally, it’s equipped with a high-capacity Ultrastar 7200RPM drive, renowned for its robustness and efficiency.

While it’s ready for Mac and compatible with Apple Time Machine, it can be effortlessly reformatted for Windows users. The drive’s aesthetics aren’t overlooked either; its stackable, anodized aluminum enclosure exudes a premium feel, and the adjustable LED brightness offers a customizable touch for users.

4. WD 12TB My Book Desktop External Hard Drive

WD 12TB My Book Desktop External...
  • Massive capacity, up to 18TB capacity (1 1TB = one trillion bytes. Actual user...
  • Includes software for device management and backup with password protection (Download...
  • 256-bit AES hardware encryption

The WD 12TB My Book Desktop External Hard Drive stands out as a substantial storage solution with capacities scaling up to a whopping 18TB, though actual user capacity might vary based on the operating environment. Tailored for both business and personal use, this drive goes beyond mere storage; it offers an inclusive software suite for efficient device management and data backup, complete with password protection, although some terms and user registration might apply.

Ensuring data security is its 256-bit AES hardware encryption, while the inclusion of SuperSpeed USB (5 Gbps) guarantees rapid file transfers. Moreover, its backward compatibility with USB 2.0 ensures it caters to a broad range of devices.

5. WD_BLACK 12TB D10 Game Drive for Xbox

Western Digital BLACK 12TB D10 Game...
726 Reviews
Western Digital BLACK 12TB D10 Game...
  • 12TB so you can save and build your Xbox gaming collection up to 300 games. (As used...
  • 1-Month membership of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate included with purchase. (1-Month trial...
  • 7200RPM drive with active cooling technology and speeds up to 250 MB/s. (Based on...

The WD_BLACK 12TB D10 Game Drive is a powerhouse for avid Xbox gamers, offering a substantial storage space of 12TB, allowing users to consolidate their gaming collection of up to 300 titles, although the actual number can vary depending on various factors. With every purchase, gamers get a 1-month membership of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, though this is exclusive for new members.

This high-performing drive operates at 7200RPM and boasts active cooling technology, delivering speeds up to 250 MB/s, though performance nuances may occur based on different system configurations. It further stands out with its two 7.5W USB Type-A charging ports, facilitating the charging of gaming gear and other peripherals. Rooted in the trust and quality associated with the WD_BLACK brand, this drive is purposefully designed keeping gamers in mind.

More Game dives for Xbox>>>>

5. OWC Mercury Elite Pro 12TB 7200 RPM Storage Solution

OWC Mercury Elite Pro 12TB 7200 RPM...
139 Reviews
OWC Mercury Elite Pro 12TB 7200 RPM...
  • Easy backups: Apple Time Machine and Windows File History ready
  • Rugged, Flexible, & Space Efficient : built-in shock isolation to protect drive while...
  • Compatible: use with Mac, Windows, and Linux machines; PS4 and Xbox consoles; and...

The OWC Mercury Elite Pro offers a generous 12TB storage capacity at a 7200 RPM, ensuring efficient backups and quick access. This device is seamlessly integrated for Apple Time Machine and Windows File History, making data backups straightforward. With its built-in shock isolation, it promises durability, while the non-skid rubber feet make it ideal for horizontal positioning, and an accompanying vertical stand adds to its spatial flexibility.

This storage solution boasts broad compatibility, working harmoniously with Mac, Windows, and Linux systems, as well as gaming consoles like PS4 and Xbox, and even Smart TVs. Each unit comes with a high-quality double-shielded USB Type A-B cable, and to ensure utmost reliability, each product undergoes a thorough multi-step performance certification before reaching the end user. To top it off, OWC offers up to a 3-year limited warranty, 1-year Level 1 data recovery, and lifetime US-based live support, underscoring their commitment to customer satisfaction.

6. SanDisk Professional 12TB G-DRIVE PRO

SanDisk Professional 12TB G-DRIVE...
253 Reviews
SanDisk Professional 12TB G-DRIVE...
  • Dual Thunderbolt 3 (20Gbps) ports and a single USB-C (5Gbps) port.Specific uses:...
  • Enterprise-class 7200RPM Ultrastar drive inside
  • Daisy chaining for up to 5 additional devices

The SanDisk Professional 12TB G-DRIVE PRO is a powerful external storage solution tailored for a range of users including professionals in business and multimedia, as well as personal use enthusiasts. This drive comes equipped with dual Thunderbolt 3 ports offering impressive 20Gbps speeds, complemented by an additional USB-C port at 5Gbps. At its heart is an enterprise-class 7200RPM Ultrastar drive, ensuring reliable performance and durability.

Unique to this drive is its daisy chaining capability, allowing users to connect up to five additional devices, optimizing workspace and streamlining connectivity. In terms of performance, the drive boasts speeds of up to 230MB/s for both reading and writing. Designed with compatibility in mind, it’s pre-formatted for Mac users but can also be easily reformatted for Windows users. Additionally, SanDisk stands behind their product, offering a reassuring 5-year limited warranty.

7. Fantom Drives 12TB External Hard Drive HDD

Fantom Drives 12TB External Hard...
  • Fantom Drives Gforce3 Features USB 3. 0 connection allowing transfer rates up to 10...
  • The Gforce3 USB 3. 0 Hard Drive is perfect for Audio and video professionals...
  • Rugged Features provide optimal storage for all your photos, videos, and backups

The Fantom Drives 12TB External Hard Drive, known as the Gforce3, is a robust storage solution designed for both professionals and everyday users. Equipped with a USB 3.0 connection, it promises transfer rates that are up to tenfold faster than its USB 2.0 counterpart, making it an ideal choice for audio and video professionals who prioritize performance and reliability. The drive’s rugged features ensure optimal storage for a wide variety of data, from photos to videos and backups.

A standout feature is its backward compatibility, meaning it seamlessly connects with USB 2.0 interfaces, offering plug & play convenience. The aluminum casing not only adds a layer of durability but also functions as a heat sink, ensuring the drive remains cool during operation. With a high-speed 7200RPM, the Gforce3 outpaces many 5400RPM hard drives in the market, making it a versatile choice for home networks, Macs, and PCs.


Which External Hard Drives 12TB Capacity Do You Prefer?

In evaluating the range of 12TB external hard drives showcased, two models particularly resonate in terms of performance, versatility, and robustness. Firstly, the SanDisk Professional 12TB G-DRIVE PRO emerges as a frontrunner. Its dual Thunderbolt 3 ports, enterprise-class 7200RPM Ultrastar drive, and the capability to daisy chain up to 5 devices make it a formidable storage solution for both business and multimedia enthusiasts.

The assurance of a 5-year limited warranty signifies the brand’s commitment to durability and customer satisfaction. On the other hand, the Fantom Drives 12TB External Hard Drive HDD with its optimal storage solution, high-speed 7200RPM, and rugged features also presents itself as a reliable choice, especially for professionals in the audio and video domain. While both drives present remarkable attributes, the right pick would ultimately depend on individual preferences and specific requirements.




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