Introduced in 2022, the GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini is an innovative addition to GoPro’s lineup, being the first of its kind in the “Mini” camera category. Despite its smaller size compared to the Hero 11 Black, this camera retains a large image sensor and offers nearly equivalent power. It boasts impressive features such as HyperSmooth 5.0, new night effects, and 10-bit color capabilities. However, there is a notable distinction in terms of battery between the GoPro Hero 11 Mini and the Hero 11 Black. The Hero 11 Mini is equipped with a non-removable 1500mAh battery, which has a slightly lower capacity compared to the removable 1720mAh battery found in the Hero 11 Black.

In this article, we delve into everything you need to know about the GoPro Hero 11 Mini battery, including its specifications, recording duration, and valuable tips on optimizing battery life.

gopro hero 11 black mini

Battery Specifications of the GoPro Hero 11 Mini

Similar to the Hero 11 Black, the GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini utilizes GoPro’s new Enduro battery. This battery incorporates cutting-edge technology that maximizes the camera’s performance even in extreme cold weather conditions, withstanding temperatures as low as 14°F (-10°C). Consequently, you can expect significantly longer runtime and greatly improved performance in chilly environments compared to standard GoPro batteries.

The GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini’s Enduro battery provides up to a 13% faster charging rate compared to standard GoPro batteries. It offers extended usage time and shorter charging intervals, surpassing the capabilities of previous standard GoPro batteries. This means you can capture more footage regardless of the challenging conditions you may face.

However, there is a distinction between the battery featured in the Hero 11 Black and the battery powering the Hero 11 Mini. While the Hero 11 Black’s battery is removable and boasts a capacity of 1720mAh, the Hero 11 Mini is equipped with a non-removable battery carrying a capacity of 1500mAh. Consequently, if the Hero 11 Mini’s battery depletes, there is no option to replace it with a spare battery. Instead, you must fully charge the camera to continue shooting.

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Despite the Hero 11 Mini’s lower power compared to the flagship Hero 11 Black, the disparity in battery life between the two cameras is not substantial. This is primarily due to the fact that the GoPro Hero 11 Mini does not feature a display. As a result, it experiences reduced battery consumption, which compensates to some extent for the lower battery capacity of the Mini camera.

GoPro Hero 11 Mini Battery Life – Recording Duration

Let’s take a look at the expected battery life of the GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini when shooting in various modes. The following estimates are based on a fully charged camera:

  • 5.3K / 60fps: 51 minutes
  • 5.3K / 30fps: 73 minutes
  • 5.3K(8:7) / 30fps: 63 minutes
  • 5K(4:3) / 30fps: 63 minutes
  • 4K / 120fps: 49 minutes
  • 4K / 60fps: 65 minutes
  • 4K / 30fps: 78 minutes
  • 4K(4:3) / 60fps: 51 minutes
  • 4K(8:7) / 60fps: 52 minutes
  • 2.7K / 240fps: 54 minutes
  • 2.7K / 120fps: 69 minutes
  • 2.7K / 60fps: 71 minutes
  • 2.7K(4:3) / 120fps: 60 minutes
  • 2.7K(4:3) / 60fps: 70 minutes 1
  • 080p / 240fps: 60 minutes
  • 1080p / 120fps: 69 minutes
  • 1080p / 60fps: 80 minutes
  • 1080p / 30fps: 114 minutes

Please note that the above estimates are averages and are based on testing under optimal conditions, including a temperature of 50°F, with Wi-Fi, GPS, Stabilization, and Voice Control turned off, and LCDs set to turn off after one minute. The actual performance may vary depending on your settings, environmental conditions, and other factors.

Tips to Extend GoPro Hero 11 Mini Battery Life

To extend the battery life of your GoPro Hero 11 Mini, here are some useful tips:

  1. Keep the GoPro Off When Not Recording: Turn off the camera when not in use to minimize battery drain.
  2. Keep Your GoPro Warm in Cold Weather: In cold weather, store the camera in the inside zippered pocket of your jacket to keep it warm when not in use. Although the Hero 11 Mini’s Enduro battery performs well in cold conditions, lithium-ion batteries generally perform better when not exposed to extreme cold.
  3. Update the Firmware: Regularly update the firmware of your GoPro Hero 11 Mini to benefit from any minor fixes that can improve battery performance.
  4. Disable Extra Settings (WiFi, GPS, Voice Control): Turn off additional features like WiFi, GPS, and voice control to conserve battery power.
  5. Reduce Recording Resolution or Frame Rate: Lowering the recording resolution or frame rate reduces power consumption and extends the overall battery life of your Hero 11 Mini.


GoPro Hero 11 Mini Battery Capacity. Is It Good?

The GoPro Hero 11 Mini is equipped with the Enduro battery, offering significantly longer runtimes and improved cold-weather performance. However, with a non-removable 1500mAh capacity, it is smaller than the standard Hero 11 Black’s battery. GoPro states that you can expect approximately 10-15% less runtime compared to the Hero 10 Black. For instance, when shooting in 5K, you should anticipate around an hour of recording time.

By following the aforementioned tips, you can effectively increase your GoPro Hero 11 Mini’s battery life.



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