SD Cards have a safety feature that locks its content from being deleted. Write protection prevents the deletion of important files and blocks the saving of any new data on your device. You can write-protect memory cards using a physical switch or through software. This is a good feature to use when you are using your card as backup storage.

How to Remove Physical Write Protection

Most SD cards have a write protection switch that allows you to turn ON or OFF write protection of the card without the need of write protection software. To remove write protection on SD Cards, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Get your memory card and put the side with the labels in front of you

Step 2. On the right side, you will see a small lever that slides up and down. It is usually color white.

Step 3. Slide the switch upward or away from the lock icon.

Step 4. Plugin the SD Card to your device and see if write protection is already disabled.

What to do if the SD Card lock switch is not working?

If your card is still write protected after sliding the lever up, the problem could be the SD Card switch. It can be faulty and needs replacement. In this case, you can visit the nearest service center for your card and ask them to fix your memory card especially if you need to access important files on the card. The best thing to do if you have faulty cards is to replace them immediately to avoid further problems.


How to Remove Write Protection on SD Card (Windows)

For SD Cards, it is easier to remove write protection because it has a physical switch. However, if you want to remove write protection from micro SD Cards you would need to use a computer (or a device where you can run specific software).

To remove SD Card write protection on Windows, follow the steps below:

Step 1. Connect your memory card to your computer via card reader or if your computer/laptop has an internal card reader that would work too.

Step 2. Press Windows key + S and search for This PC

Step 3. Check if your memory card is already detected by your computer

Step 4. Close this PC then, Press on Windows Key + S and search for Command Prompt

Step 5. On Command Prompt, type diskpart and hit Enter.

Step 6. After launching diskpart, type list disk and hit Enter.

Step 7. After entering list disk, it will display all the available storage devices on your computer. Find your SD Card on the list and take note of the Disk number.

Step 8. Type select disk (your memory card’s Disk number) and hit Enter.

Step 9. Now that your SD Card is selected, type attributes disk clear readonly and hit Enter. This command will remove write protection from your memory card.

Step 10. Once attributes are cleared successfully, you can now use your card on your device and reformat it.

How to Remove Memory Card Write Protection on MacOS

Step 1. Plugin your SD Card on your MacBook in any of the USB ports.

Step 2. Go to Spotlight and search for Disk Utility.

Step 3. On the side menu, find your SD card and select it.

Step 4. Click on First Aid on the top menu.

Step 5. To start the scan, click on verify disk and repair disk.

Step 6. Wait for the repair to finish. Check if the write protection on your memory card is removed.


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