GoPro, a brand intimately linked with thrilling adventures and captivating footage, has maintained a leading position in the action camera domain for several years. Recognized for their durability, versatility, and remarkable video quality, GoPro cameras remain the gold standard for recording our most thrilling experiences. However, as innovations continue and new models are introduced, many are left wondering: is it the right time to upgrade?

In this detailed blog post, we will navigate through the realm of GoPro cameras, comparing the advanced GoPro Hero 12 to its forerunner, the GoPro Hero 9. We’ll scrutinize their distinctive features, identify the critical differences, and determine which one presents the best value for your needs. By the end of this article, you’ll possess the insights necessary to decide whether moving up to the Hero 12 aligns with your specific requirements and financial plan.

Without further ado, let’s delve in and determine which camera is the preferred selection for your upcoming escapades.


GoPro Hero 12 & GoPro Hero 9: In-depth Analysis

In this segment, we’ll thoroughly examine both the GoPro Hero 12 and the GoPro Hero 9, assessing how they fare against each other across diverse aspects.

GoPro Hero 12

gopro hero 12 review

The most recent addition to the GoPro family, the GoPro Hero 12, elevates action camera technology to unprecedented levels. Powered by the advanced GP2 processor, it offers unparalleled speed, superior stabilization, and a range of smart features. It’s designed to capture breathtaking 5.3K resolution videos at a smooth 60 frames per second, setting a new benchmark for GoPro. The device features a more substantial 2.27-inch touchscreen, making navigation easier and offering a sharp preview of your captures. Additionally, its customizable lens cover allows flexibility for various shooting conditions, and the detachable 1720mAh Enduro battery guarantees longer recording sessions with the possibility of using a backup.

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Moreover, the Hero 12 is designed to withstand water up to 10 meters deep without requiring an additional casing. The incorporation of voice control means you can manage the camera hands-free using straightforward vocal commands, and the live streaming capability lets you broadcast your escapades instantly to your audience.

The GoPro Hero 12 stands out as the prime choice for those seeking the pinnacle of video quality, efficiency, and functionalities in their action camera. It’s meticulously crafted for professional cinematographers, passionate vloggers, and those longing to document every second in striking clarity. Nevertheless, prospective buyers should note a few things. The Hero 12 does have a steeper price, positioning it as a more significant expenditure compared to the Hero 9.

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GoPro Hero 9

gopro hero 9

The GoPro Hero 9, although an older release in the GoPro series, remains a robust contender. It can record in impressive 5K resolution at 30 frames per second, delivering high-quality videos that suffice for most users. The model also features a front-facing screen, making it a favorite among vloggers and selfie lovers who prefer to frame themselves while recording their exploits. Like its newer counterpart, it offers the advantage of a removable battery, allowing users to prolong shooting times by introducing a spare when needed. It too can be submerged up to 10 meters without additional housing and offers voice control for effortless, hands-free usage and live streaming capabilities to broadcast adventures as they happen.

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GoPro HERO12 Black - Waterproof...
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The GoPro Hero 9 stands as a versatile and reliable action camera, providing remarkable video quality, performance, and features to a broad spectrum of users. It is especially suitable for occasional videographers, vloggers, and those keen on recording high-quality videos of their pursuits.

Nevertheless, there are certain considerations to bear in mind. The Hero 9 does not match up to the Hero 12 in terms of resolution and frame rate, which might lead to a minor compromise in the detail and fluidity of videos. Additionally, the Hero 9, when juxtaposed with the technologically superior Hero 12 featuring a latest GP2 processor, may lack in responsiveness and stability, affecting the overall user experience.


GoPro Hero 12 vs GoPro Hero 9: Brief Specification Comparison

Below is a comparison table delineating the specifications of the GoPro Hero 12 and the GoPro Hero 9:

FeatureGoPro Hero 12GoPro Hero 9
Video Resolution5.3K at 60 fps5K at 30 fps
Screen size2.27 inches2.27 inches
Front-facing screenYesYes
Removable batteryYesYes
Waterproof depth10 meters10 meters
Voice controlYesYes
Live streamingYesYes
Image sensor size1/1.9 inch (8:7 aspect ratio)1/2.3 inch (4:3 aspect ratio)
Image stabilization typeHyperSmooth 6.0HyperSmooth 3.0
Image formatJPEG, RAW, HEIF, HDR, GP-Log, LUT supportJPEG, RAW, HEIF, HDR, GP-Log
Video formatMP4 (H.264/AVC), MP4 (H.265/HEVC)MP4 (H.264/AVC), MP4 (H.265/HEVC)
Video bit-rate10-bit8-bit
Photo resolutionUp to 27 MP (8:7 aspect ratio) or up to 24.7 MP stills from video (16:9 aspect ratio)Up to 20 MP (4:3 aspect ratio) or up to 14.7 MP stills from video (16:9 aspect ratio)


Detailed Comparison Between GoPro Hero 12 and GoPro Hero 9

To decide the most fitting action camera for recording your ventures, comprehending the subtle disparities between models is vital. In this section, we present a meticulous comparison of the specs of the GoPro Hero 12 and the GoPro Hero 9 to assist you in your decision-making process:

1. Processor Speed

A notable difference between the GoPro Hero 12 and the GoPro Hero 9 is the processing capability. The Hero 9 operates on a GP1 processor, maintaining fluid performance and steadfast operation. Nonetheless, the Hero 12, with its GP2 processor, makes a considerable advancement, offering a more responsive and intuitive user interface. This heightened processing capacity not only promotes faster navigation and adjustments but also optimizes video rendering and data handling, making the Hero 12 exceptionally user-friendly, particularly when optimal timing is crucial. This improvement in processing is what sets the Hero 12 as a more refined choice compared to the Hero 9’s older GP1 processor.

GP2 GoPro hero 12 processor

2. Video Quality

Both the GoPro Hero 9 and the Hero 12 guarantee remarkable video quality. The Hero 9, with its ability to capture in notable 5K resolution, ensures detailed videos even upon zooming in.

Conversely, the Hero 12 elevates the experience by offering 5.3K resolution and features High Dynamic Range (HDR) for videos at both 5.3K and 4K resolutions. This HDR feature enriches the footage, preserving intricate details usually lost in areas of shadow or excessive brightness, and reproducing vibrant, realistic colors and sharpness under diverse lighting scenarios.

3. Video Stabilization

Stabilization is pivotal for action cameras, and both the Hero 9 and Hero 12 are exemplary in this aspect. The Hero 9 employs HyperSmooth 3.0, renowned for producing remarkably stable footage amidst intense action. The Hero 12 advances this with HyperSmooth 6.0, an Emmy Award-winning technology that not only mitigates shakiness but also diminishes image cropping, retaining more of your precious scenes.

4. Time Lapse

Each model boasts impressive time-lapse features. The Hero 9 comes with TimeWarp 3.0, enabling the creation of fascinating time-lapse sequences with ease.

The Hero 12, building on this, elevates time-lapse experiences, promising sequences that are not just enchanting but also of cinematic quality.

5. Photo Quality

Regarding photo quality, both models excel. The GoPro Hero 9, with a 20MP camera, allows for the capture of sharp, professional-grade photos. Its distinct feature is the SuperPhoto mode, which refines image processing to deliver optimal photos.

In contrast, the GoPro Hero 12 breaks new ground with its stunning 27MP camera and HDR photo capability, enabling the capture of breathtaking images with outstanding detail and color fidelity. Moreover, the GoPro Quik app allows extraction of up to 24.7MP photos from your favorite video frames, expanding your creative horizons.

6. Display

Each camera is equipped with user-centric displays. The GoPro Hero 9 features a rear touchscreen for easy navigation and a front display which is invaluable for vlogging or selfie enthusiasts.

Conversely, the Hero 12 brings to the table a more expansive rear touchscreen with touch zoom, facilitating easier framing and control of the camera. This enlarged screen is especially useful for on-the-go previewing of shots or tweaking settings.

7. Live Streaming

Both models are endowed with live streaming features, allowing users to broadcast their expeditions in real-time. The GoPro Hero 9 enables 1080p live streaming to social platforms while leveraging HyperSmooth 3.0 stabilization to deliver smooth broadcasts.

In the same vein, the GoPro Hero 12 continues to offer steadfast live streaming attributes, ensuring viewers receive a steady and clear broadcast of your endeavors, complemented by HyperSmooth 6.0, offering enhanced stabilization.

8. Durability

Durability remains a distinctive attribute of GoPro cameras, and this is upheld by both the Hero 9 and Hero 12. These models are rugged and waterproof, designed to endure the most severe conditions, allowing submersion up to 33 feet (10 meters) without additional housing.

Their renowned robustness makes them perfect mates for escapades in the mud, snow, water, and more, assuring their ability to withstand any adventurous endeavor. Furthermore, a lens cover that repels water helps to avoid lens flare and other disturbances, ameliorating the overall quality of your imagery and video recordings.

hero 12 waterproof

9. Additional Features

Each camera comes with added features to amplify your recording experiences. The GoPro Hero 9 includes a front-facing screen optimal for vlogging and selfies, voice command features, and compatibility with a multitude of accessories for customization to your preferences.

Conversely, the GoPro Hero 12 brings HDR to both photos and videos, capturing the richness of color and detail even in demanding lighting situations, and improves HyperSmooth AutoBoost capability, optimizing stabilization and reducing image cropping for more fluid and enveloping footage.

10. Price

There is a noteworthy price difference between the two models. The GoPro Hero 9 is more economical, appealing to those who seek dependability without a hefty price tag, while the more expensive GoPro Hero 12, with its advanced functionalities, attracts those in pursuit of superior performance and video quality.

Check Current Price of GoPro Hero 12:

GoPro HERO9 Black - Waterproof...
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GoPro HERO9 Black - Waterproof...
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Check Current Price of GoPro Hero 9:

GoPro HERO12 Black - Waterproof...
16 Reviews
GoPro HERO12 Black - Waterproof...
  • High Dynamic Range Video + Photo: HERO12 Black takes its best-in-class image quality...
  • Unbelieveable Image Quality: With 5.3K video that gives you 91% more resolution than...
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To conclude, both the GoPro Hero 9 and Hero 12 are exceptional in their capabilities, with the choice being dependent on individual needs, financial plan, and the desired level of detail and creativity in action camera recordings.


GoPro Hero 12 vs GoPro Hero 9: Making Your Choice

After delving into the specifics of both the GoPro Hero 12 and GoPro Hero 9, it’s clear that each camera is a powerful option for documenting adventures with precision. They offer excellent video and image quality, intuitive displays, live streaming options, and exceptional stabilization.

However, the Hero 12 represents the zenith of action camera technology with its advanced resolution, HDR for both videos and photos, HyperSmooth 6.0 stabilization, and a quicker, more intuitive GP2 processor. It is the premier choice for those who are after superior video quality, performance, and features.

Conversely, the Hero 9, being more economical, still delivers robust performance and features suitable for a diverse range of users. It’s the ideal choice for those who desire dependable action camera capabilities without the need for the latest specifications.

Ultimately, the choice between the Hero 12 and Hero 9 depends on your specific requirements, preferences, and budget. If premium quality and state-of-the-art features are what you seek, the Hero 12 is a worthwhile investment. However, if value and solid performance are your priorities, the Hero 9 is a strong contender. Regardless of your choice, both models sustain GoPro’s legacy of resilience, durability, and extraordinary image capture, immortalizing your moments in stunning clarity.








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