If you use trail cameras, chances are that it doesn’t have an LCS screen to display your shots. Now, there are many ways to view files from your memory card. You can use your smartphone or even your laptop. However, this may not be the best way to view photos on your memory card while you are out on the field.

There are gadgets on the market that are specifically made for viewing content on your memory card if your camera doesn’t have a display. SD Card viewers are compact devices that allows you to just plug-in your memory card inside the device and view all the photos and videos that you got.

So in this guide you’ll learn about the best SD Card Viewers available today.

Best Portable SD Card Viewer for Trail Cameras

Wildgame Innovations VU70 Trail Tablet Viewer

Wildgame Innovations VU70 Trail...
741 Reviews
Wildgame Innovations VU70 Trail...
  • Package dimension : 7.391 cm x 19.989 cm x 27.508 cm
  • Product type : TABLET COMPUTER
  • Package weight : 0.812 kg

As the name suggests, the Wildgame Innovations VU70 is a tablet-like SD card reader that allows you to view content on your memory card. It has a 7-inch touch screen that is powered by four AA-sized batteries. The screen color is not the best but decent for viewing photos and videos while shooting outside on your trail camera. It has two memory card slots that support up to 32 GB of storage capacity. The VU70 SD card viewer also has a MicroUSB port and an auxiliary port for viewing content on TV and computers.


More SD Card Viewer for Trail Cameras

If you find the Wildgame Innovations VU70 a little expensive, don’t worry. Check out some alternative SD card viewer that gets the job done for a decent price.

#1: Wildgame Innovations Trail Pad Brown

Wildgame Innovations Trail Pad |...
2,429 Reviews
Wildgame Innovations Trail Pad |...
  • 4.3 inch viewing screen with a quiet touch screen swipe option. Also has push button...
  • Heavy duty protective screen surround and water resistant
  • Review photos and play back videos on SD card. Holds up to 32 GB SD Card

Here’s another memory card viewer from Wildgame Innovations, the Trail Pad Brow. It is half the price of the VU70 but still, the Trail Pad Brown has a lot to offer. The SD card viewer packs a 4.3 inches viewing screen with a minimalist touch screen swipe option. Unlike the Wildgame VU70, the Trail Pad Brown has physical navigation buttons which are great especially if you are working on wet conditions where most touch screens don’t work well. It is powered by 4 AA batteries and comes with Auxiliary and USB port.

#2: Stealth Cam SD Card Reader and Viewer 

Stealth Cam SD Card Reader and...
3,033 Reviews
Stealth Cam SD Card Reader and...
  • View images and videos from your trail cameras
  • Headphone jack for audio playback
  • SD memory card slot up to 64GB

Just like the Trail Pad, the Stealth Cam memory card reader has a 4.3 LCD screen. However, the Stealth Cam doesn’t have a touch screen. Instead it is equipped with physical navigation buttons that feel good on the hand thanks to its rubber finish. Along the side of the card viewer, it is wrapped in thick rubber that protects the viewer from bumps and other extreme outdoor conditions. The one thing that separates the Stealth Cam from the card viewers from Wildgame Innovations is that it supports up to 64 GB memory cards.

#3: Lowdown Easy Trail Camera Image and Video Viewer 

Lowdown Advanced High Speed Trail...
30 Reviews
Lowdown Advanced High Speed Trail...
  • VIEWER/PHOTO MANAGER: Lowdown is a dedicated viewer/photo manager made for one thing...
  • THREE VIEWING MODES: In QuickView mode, Lowdown shows eight images at a time on 3/4...
  • VIDEO WITH SOUND: Lowdown makes the trail cam video viewing experience better, too....

In terms of screen size, the Lowdown Easy Trail Camera Viewer wins the competition against the card viewers mentioned in this review. It has a huge 9 inches high definition LCD touch screen display. The easy trail viewer has a built-in battery which can last you at least 2-3 hours of screen time. It performs faster compared to other card viewers and supports HD video playback for a more detailed look on your video footage. Unlike other card viewers, the Lowdown Easy Trail viewer allows you to delete a selection of photos and videos without the need of a computer.

#4: HME SD Card Reader and Viewer

HME SD Card Reader/Viewer w/ 4.3'...
881 Reviews
HME SD Card Reader/Viewer w/ 4.3"...
  • Rugged ABS plastic housing with rubberized grip
  • 4. 3" color LCD screen for easy viewing
  • Photo viewing with scroll, zoom and delete

HME SD Card reader and viewer is a great option if you are looking for an entry-level memory card viewer for your trail camera. It has built-in speakers which are great for playing videos without the need for earphones. It is built from hard ABS plastic with rubber grip on the side which is also purposed for extra protection. Just like the SD Card viewers on the list, it is also powered by 4 AA batteries. The LCD display is decent and has a good backlight that allows you to view content clearly even outdoors.

#5: Moultrie Picture and Video Viewer

Moultrie 4.3' Picture and Video...
184 Reviews
Moultrie 4.3" Picture and Video...
  • 4.3" digital picture & video viewer
  • Quick access to all of your game camera photos and videos
  • View and transfer your photos and videos

The Moultrie card viewer is an SD Card reader that allows you quick access to your photos and videos on your memory card. It has support for 32 GB memory card at max. It allows up to 10x zoom when viewing photos from your trail camera but doesn’t allow the deletion of photos and videos. The Moultrie memory card viewer packs an audio jack for your headphones if you want to watch videos with audio. It also has MicroUSB support if you plan to transfer photos and videos to your computer. The built quality of the device is not that impressive, you can feel the cheap plastic on its outer shell.

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If you are going to buy an SD Card viewer for you to use mainly on your trail camera, then we suggest getting the Wildgame Innovations VU70. It has a compact design which is great if you work outdoors and move from place to place a lot. In terms of built quality, Wildgame VU70 has a rugged built that is specifically designed to endure extreme outdoor conditions.

On the other hand, if you plan on using your card viewer for other purposes like a monitor for visual presentations it is best to get the Lowdown easy trail camera viewer. It has a bigger screen compared to the Wildgame VU70 and performs faster.

If you need to view your video footage in HD then you would find the screen of the Lowdown trail camera viewer amazing. It reproduces excellent colors and supports HD resolution videos. However, these luxurious features also come at an expensive price. If you don’t mind spending $200 for your trail camera viewer then you should get the Lowdown Easy Trail Camera Viewer.

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