Navigating the open road can be an adventure, but having accurate directions can make it a much more enjoyable journey. With the advanced technology provided by Mercedes-Benz’s SD navigation card system, reaching your destination has never been more straightforward or effortless. This system, an integral part of many Mercedes vehicles, offers detailed maps, real-time traffic updates, and an array of other features. In this article, we will explore what is a SD navigation card,  what are the best ones, how to install it and whether or not you can use Google maps in your car.

Top 5 Best Navigation SD Cards Mercedes

Enhance your driving experience with our curated selection of the Top 5 Best Navigation SD Cards for Mercedes, designed for accurate and reliable navigation:

1. Mercedes-Compatible Locative  Navigation Card

Latest Navigation SD Card...
6 Reviews
Latest Navigation SD Card...
  • 【Attention】This navigation sd card is ONLY compatible with NTG5 AUDIO 20 (Code...
  • 【Compatible models】Fits for Mercedes GLA 250 / GLA 250 4MATIC /AMG GLA 45 (build...
  • 【Compatible models】Fits for Mercedes CLS 400 / CLS 400 4MATIC / CLS 550 / CLS 550...

The Locative Mercedes Navigation card: A2189068403 is an affordable and user-friendly solution for your navigation needs. It offers accurate map data and superb route guidance, and all you have to do is insert this SD card loaded with the navigation software and map data. It is compatible with a wide range of Mercedes Benz models including but not limited to A-Class (Sept/2015-May/2018), B-Class (Nov/2014-Present), C-Class (varying models and years), CLS (Sept/2014-Present), and E-Class (varying models and years). However, note that it is only compatible with NTG5 AUDIO 20 (Code 522) Systems, not with Becker or Comand systems. It’s a perfect fit for MERCEDES GLC 300 CLA 250 GLA 250 C300 but not for models with NTG5.5 (widescreen 10.25″ C). For those models, a specific NTG5.5 card is required. Once registered, the SD card will permanently lock to your vehicle’s VIN, and ensure your vehicle is already equipped with navigation hardware.

2.  Mercedes-Compatible Zoard Navigation Card

Latest Navigation SD Card...
6 Reviews
Latest Navigation SD Card...
  • 【Attention】This navigation sd card is ONLY compatible with NTG5 AUDIO 20 (Code...
  • 【Compatible models】Fits for Mercedes GLA 250 / GLA 250 4MATIC /AMG GLA 45 (build...
  • 【Compatible models】Fits for Mercedes CLS 400 / CLS 400 4MATIC / CLS 550 / CLS 550...

Designed to seamlessly integrate with Mercedes A/B/C/E-Class CLS GLS GLC CLA, the Zoard Navigation Card will become locked with the vehicle upon installation. The compatibility of this card is specific to NTG5 AUDIO 20 (Code 522) Systems. You can verify your AUDIO version using your VIN on the manufacturer’s website.

3. Mercedes-Compatible Narostep Navigation Card

Latest 2022-2021 North America Maps...
19 Reviews
Latest 2022-2021 North America Maps...
  • Compatible with mercedes benz navigation sd card A-Class:...
  • Compatible with mercedes navigation sd card CLS: (Sept/2014-Now ),E-Class:Coupe...
  • BEFORE YOU ORDER: This navigation sd card is only compatible with NTG5 AUDIO 20 (Code...

The Narostep Navigation Card comes loaded with the most recent 2022-2021 North America Maps and is designed to work seamlessly with Mercedes Navigation V14.0 SD Card A2189068403 Garmin Pilot GPS CLA GLA. This card is specifically compatible with NTG5 AUDIO 20 (Code 522) Systems, and once installed, it is locked to the vehicle’s VIN. However, it’s important to note that this card is not compatible with the NTG5.5 (widescreen 10.25″ C) system.

4. The Ulfeng 2020/2021 Navigation SD Card

2020/2021 Navigation SD Card Map...
  • Coverage:Includes/Covers USA/Can/Mex/Puerto Rico/Virgin Island/Bahamas Roads map and...
  • SD Card Compatible with Mercedes Models: GLA 250 / GLA 250 4MATIC /AMG GLA 45 (build...
  • SD Card Compatible with Mercedes Models: CLS 400 / CLS 400 4MATIC / CLS 550 / CLS 550...

The Ulfeng 2020/2021 Navigation SD Card is designed to enhance your driving experience with Mercedes. With coverage that includes USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Virgin Island, and Bahamas, it offers updated road maps and speed limit notifications. This card is specifically tailored to the A-D-O 20 (Code 522) NTG 5 system, which you can confirm by inputting your VIN at www vindecoderz. It updates your navigation with Map Update SD Card A2189068403 Garmin/Pilot VERSION 14.0 (MAP 14.0). The card is compatible with various Mercedes models including GLA 250 (build date 09/2015 to 04/2020), SLC 300 Roadster (2017-2019), B-Class B250e (build date on 12/2014-2/2019), and more. However, some models built before 8/2017 may not work despite having the Audio 20 system. As a customer-focused company, Ulfeng is committed to premium quality and service.

5. The Goborway A2189068403 Navigation SD Card

A2189068403 Latest Navigation SD...
46 Reviews
A2189068403 Latest Navigation SD...
  • This navigation SD card can ONLY be used in 1 vehicle, the SD card will be locked...
  • This navigation SD card is ONLY compatible with NTG 5 AUDIO 20 (Code 522) System!!!...
  • Compatible with Mercedes B-Class B250e 2014-2019; Mercedes CLA 250 / CLA 250 4MATIC /...

The Goborway A2189068403 Navigation SD Card is a valuable addition to your driving experience, providing comprehensive map coverage for the USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and Bahamas. Please note that it is designed to be used in only one vehicle and gets locked to the VIN upon installation. It’s exclusively compatible with the NTG 5 AUDIO 20 (Code 522) System. Compatibility extends across a range of Mercedes models such as B-Class B250e (2014-2019), CLA 250 (2014-2019), CLS 400 (2014-2018), C-Class C200 (2017-2018), and many others. Confirm your vehicle’s compatibility before purchasing to ensure optimal utilization.


What is SD Card Navigation System?

An SD card navigation system is a type of navigation system that uses an SD (Secure Digital) card to store map data and software for GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation. These systems are commonly found in modern vehicles and provide drivers with turn-by-turn directions to their desired locations.

Here’s how it works: The SD card, which can be inserted into a slot in the vehicle’s infotainment system, contains detailed maps along with other necessary software for navigation. This can include points of interest, traffic information, and other essential details for navigation.

When a location is input into the system, the software uses the GPS data to calculate a route based on the maps stored on the SD card. As the vehicle moves, the system continually updates the vehicle’s position using GPS signals and provides real-time directions to the driver.

One major advantage of an SD card navigation system is that the map data can be easily updated. As roads and routes change over time, new maps can be downloaded and saved onto the SD card, ensuring that the navigation system remains up-to-date with the most accurate information.

mercedes navigation card


How Do I Install a Mercedes Navigation SD Card?

The Mercedes-Benz navigation SD card conveniently hosts the navigation system and additional user data such as specific locations and routes. This ensures a smooth and personalized navigation experience.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to install your Garmin Mercedes-Benz navigation SD card.

Physical Setup

The installation kicks off with physically placing the SD card in its slot.

Step 1: Ensure the SD Card is Unlocked

Before anything else, ensure that your SD card is not locked. The lock switch is located on the left side of the card. You won’t be able to insert the SD card if the lock switch is active.

Slide the lock switch upwards, towards the diagonally-cut corner, to unlock the SD card.

Step 2: Place the SD Card in the Slot in Your Vehicle

Mercedes-Benz vehicles compatible with this feature have dedicated SD card slots. To install the card, simply slide it into the slot until it clicks into place.

The click signifies that the card is securely in place and ready for use.

Step 3: Abide by the On-Screen Instructions

With the SD card in place, follow the instructions provided on the screen to complete the setup process.

Usage Post Installation

Note that an SD card can only be installed in one system. Installation in multiple cars is not possible.

You might encounter an error message during your first installation attempt. This could indicate a corrupted SD card. In such cases, try reinserting the card. If the error persists, contact your dealer or vendor for a replacement.

Post installation, your car’s computer will provide several options for navigation. You can locate destinations by spelling out their names, finding them near other locations, searching by category, address, coordinates, recent searches, or saved locations.

You can even voice-command your navigation system once the SD card is installed.

Updating Your Navigation SD Card

With the map data and navigation software housed on the SD card, updating it is a breeze, according to Mercedes. Simply remove the SD card from the car, insert it into your computer’s slot, and download any available updates from Mercedes-Benz and Garmin.

Can You Use Google Maps on Mercedes Instead of Mercedes Navigation?

Yes, you can use Google Maps or other navigation apps on many Mercedes-Benz models, especially those equipped with the MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) infotainment system or Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. These systems allow you to mirror your smartphone’s screen on the vehicle’s infotainment display, giving you access to apps like Google Maps for navigation.

Here are the general steps to use Google Maps on your Mercedes-Benz through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto:

1. Connect your smartphone to your vehicle using a USB cable:

Your vehicle should recognize the device and give you the option to use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, depending on your smartphone.

2. Select the Google Maps app on the vehicle’s infotainment screen:

Once your smartphone is connected and its screen is mirrored on the vehicle’s display, you should be able to select and open Google Maps just as you would on your phone.

3. Input your destination:

You can search for your destination and get directions just like you would when using Google Maps on your smartphone.

Note: Not all Mercedes-Benz vehicles or models may support Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, and the availability of these features can also depend on the region. Always check the compatibility of your specific vehicle model and smartphone with your Mercedes-Benz dealer or consult your vehicle’s manual.

google maps



Which SD Navigation Card Mercedes Do You Prefer?

After thoroughly examining the various aspects and offerings of different SD navigation cards available for Mercedes vehicles, I find the Zoard Navigation Card to be the top pick. With its compatibility across multiple Mercedes classes and its exclusive alignment with the NTG5 AUDIO 20 (Code 522) Systems, this card stands out in terms of broad application and precise navigation.

However, your preference may depend on the specific model of your vehicle and your personal requirements. It is always recommended to confirm compatibility and review user experiences to make the most informed decision.



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