SanDisk is one of the most popular memory card brands out in the market. They offer a wide range of models that focus on different kinds of users. However, even the best memory card brand may be susceptible to data corruption and SD Card errors. This results in data loss which is annoying especially if you have important files on your SD Card. So to help you recover your precious data, today we are going to take a look at the best SanDisk Recovery software that is capable of recovering lost photos, movies, music, and documents

Top 7 SanDisk SD Recovery Software

#1: Recoverit by Wondershare SanDisk Recovery Software

Recoverit supports different kinds of storage devices like hard drives, flash drives, and memory cards. The software can recover most file-formats including videos, photos, documents, audio, and compressed files. Wondershare recovery software is easy to use with complete recovery tools like crash data recoveries, deleted files recovery, lost partition recovery, and even virus attack recovery like ransomware. Recoverit by Wondershare is free software that you can use on most SanDisk cards for recovering lost data.

#2: SanDisk RescuePRO Software

SanDisk RescuePRO is premium software that is available on three packages, the Standard version, Deluxe version, and Deluxe commercial version. It can recover files from memory cards with up to 1TB storage capacity. RescuePRO features a user-friendly UI for easy recovery of photos, videos, music, and other files. It also supports high-end digital backs for SLR cameras and High Definition videos. You can get the Standard package of RescuePRO for about $40.

#3: Recuva Professional Recovery Software

Recuva provides superior file recovery that supports most file types like videos, photos, and documents. It can recover files from damaged flash storage, deep scan buried files, and securely delete your files from the flash memory. Recuva has a free version but they also offer a premium option which is around $20 that gives you access to advanced file recovery software, virtual hard drive support, and automatic updates.

#4: Stellar Data Recovery Software

Stellar Recovery software is the best recovery software on Windows. It can recover data from all media devices including memory cards. The software has support for lost and deleted files recovery, corrupted hard drives, and virus attacks. However, the Stellar Data Recovery Software is not free. It is available in three packages the standard version, professional version, and premium version. You can get the standard version for $30.

#5: DiskDrill Data Recovery Software

DiskDrill is more known for recovering files on hard drives but it is also capable of data recovery on memory cards. It can recover any deleted file type like photos, documents, videos, and audio. The free version of the software can recover data of up to 500 MB. However, if you need to recover larger files you would need to subscribe to their premium version which is around $90 and $500 for the enterprise version for corporate use.

#6: EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUs is a free recovery software for Windows and macOS. The recovery wizard can recover file types like photos, videos, documents, and compressed files. It has features like lost data recovery, storage media recovery, emergency data recovery, formatted file recovery, and partition recovery. EaseUS has a user-friendly interface which is great especially for non-techy users.

#7: Recover My Files

Recover My Files is a free data recovery software developed by GetData. It is specifically developed for hard drives, memory cards, flash drives, and other media storage. The software supports file recovery for accidental formats, hard disk crashes, memory card errors, and partition errors. You can use Recover My Files for basic file recovery of videos, music, documents, and photos.
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Read all the instructions on how to recover lost files: How to Recover Deleted Files from Formatted SD Card.

What’s the best Sandisk Recovery Software?

Well as reflected on our top 7 list, the Recoverit software is the best SanDisk recovery software to use. It has a lot of good reviews from users claiming that the Recoverit software successfully restored their lost files from corrupted memory cards. The user interface of the software is user friendly with menus and buttons placed perfectly for convenience and easy access.
Recoverit software has different recovery modes, one of these is the Read-Only recovery. This mode allows you to fix the errors on your memory card so that it would work without doing damage to your important data. Last thing, what makes the software so good is that even if it’s free it still offers a lot of features that are almost on par with premium recovery software.

How to Recover Data from SanDisk SD Card with Recoverit by Wondershare

To get started in recovering your precious files, follow the guide below:

 1: Download the Recoverit software for Windows or macOS

 2: Open Recovery Software and check if your SanDisk Sd Card is showing on your computer

 3: Find your SanDisk SD Card and select it. You can find it on External Devices

 4: Click on Start

 5: Wait for the scan to finish

 6: After scanning your card, the software will show all the files that you can recover, select the files that you want to restore

 7: Click on Recover

 8: Wait for the recovering process to finish then check your files if the recovery is successful


What if the Recovery Software does NOT work?

In some worst cases, the files on your memory card can be badly corrupted that the software cannot recover it anymore. Recovery software cannot restore files if you have deleted the file a long time ago, or you have overwritten the file many times, or you have a faulty memory card, and if you have formatted your card multiple times. The Recoverit software works best on corrupted memory cards that you can still see the files on the memory card but cannot access it.
If Recoverit by Wondershare did not work, you can try using the software from SanDisk which is the RescuePro. SanDisk RescuePRO software works for recovering lost files on SanDisk Memory cards so you might have a big chance of recovering your files using it. Another thing to try is to use premium recovery software like Recuva and Stellar Recovery.
To sum things up, if you experience file corruption and data loss on your memory card, chances are your card may be faulty.
So, the best way to prevent further data loss is by replacing the faulty SD card.

In this article you can find a review of the top SD cards replacements by Sandisk

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