Secure digital cards or SD Cards have been around since the 2000s. After 20 years, SD Cards are still used on handheld devices like cameras, drones, smartphones, and consoles. Given its many advantages, memory cards also have some issues.

One of them is data loss. SD Cards are prone to errors if you use them improperly or when it is about to fail. In this case, file recovery software provides help to SD card owners in case their files are corrupted or went missing. Today, we are going to check out some of the best SD card recovery software that can help you if ever you find yourself in this situation.


7 Best SD Card Recovery Software

 #1: Recoverit File Recovery Software by Wondershare

This file recovery software from Wondershare has support for different kinds of storage devices like flash drives, SD Cards, and hard drives. Recoverit can retrieve most file types like photos, documents, audio, videos, and zip files. The file recovery software has a user-friendly interface that gives you access to recovery tools like crash data recovery, lost partition recovery, virus attack recovery, and deleted file recovery. Recoverit File Recovery Software is a free application that you can use on most memory cards for recovering lost or corrupted files.

#2: SanDisk RescuePRO Software

You might think that the SanDisk RescuePRO file recovery software would only work on SanDisk cards but this is not the case. RescuePRO is also compatible with different card brands like Samsung, PNY, and Lexar. The recovery tool is a paid recovery software that you can get in three different packages, the Standard version, Delux version, and the Deluxe commercial version. It can recover up to 1 TB of lost files and features a user-friendly UI for easy recovery of videos, music, and photos. The Standard package of the SanDisk Rescue Pro has a $40 price tag.

To know more about the possibilities of the software read: Recover Lost Data with SanDisk Rescuepro [Step-by-Step].

#3: Recuva Professional Recovery Software

Recuva is a professional recovery software that can retrieve most files like videos, photos, and other documents.  The recovery tool can recover data from broken flash drives, deep scan buried files, corrupted files, and can securely delete your files from the flash storage. It has a free version, however, if you want to access premium features like advance file recovery and virtual hard drive support you need to upgrade your subscription to premium which costs around $20.

#4: Stellar Data Recovery Software

Advertised to be the best recovery software for Windows, Stellar file recovery software is another tool that you should consider using. Stellar recovery tool can retrieve files from most media devices including SD Cards. It can recover deleted and lost files, files from corrupted hard drives, and files from virus attacks like ransomware. However, the recovery software is not free, it is available in three packages the standard version, professional version, and premium version. You can get the standard version for around $30.

#5: DiskDrill Data Recovery Software

DiskDrill is a file recovery tool that was first built for retrieving lost files from hard drives but it can also recover files from SD Cards. It can retrieve files that are accidentally deleted or corrupted. DiskDrill data recovery software has a free version that can retrieve up to 500 MB of data. But, if you need to save files bigger than 500 MB you would need to upgrade the software to its premium version which is around $500 for the enterprise version and $90 for the standard user version.

#6: EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard

Here’s another free recovery tool that is available on Windows and macOS. The EaseUS Data recovery wizard can retrieve files like videos, documents, and photos. It has support for lost data recoveries, emergency data recoveries, storage media recoveries, partition recoveries, and formatted file recoveries. The recovery wizard has a user-friendly interface which is excellent for users who are not that technical.

#7: Recover My Files

Recover My Files offers a free file recovery service from a software company called GetData. It is mainly used for recovering data on hard drives and memory cards. The recovery tool from GetData has support for recovering accidental formats, hard disk crashes, partition errors, and SD card errors. If you are looking for a decent recovery tool, the Recovery My Files is good for basic file retrievals like videos, documents, photos, and audio.

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To know more check out: How to Recover Deleted Files from Formatted SD Card.


Best (Paid) SD Card Recovery Software

If we are going to recommend a paid file recovery software, we would definitely pick the SanDisk RescuePRO. It is capable of recovering files on most SanDisk cards and other brand cards. The Standard package is decently priced at $40 which allows you to restore up to 1 TB of lost data. It has a simple interface that is easy to use even for beginners. You can use the SanDisk RescuePRO for restoring files like videos, music, photos, PDF, and other documents. The software is also available on the Deluxe version and Deluxe commercial version for companies and businesses.

If you have Sandisk SD Card and lost your files check out: 7 Best SanDisk Recovery Software (+ Step-by-Step Tutorial).


Best (Free) SD Card File Recovery Software

If you don’t want to shell out money on recovery software, you can consider downloading the Recoverit file recovery software. The Recoverit recovery tool gives you access to many features for free like crash data recovery, virus attack recovery, and deleted file recovery. It is quite surprising that this recovery tool from Wondershare is free given the features it offers. You can use Recoverit to recover files from storage devices like flash drives, memory cards, and hard drives.


How to Use the RecoverIt to Recover your files

If you want to use the best free recovery software for restoring your lost files you can follow the guide below.

 1: Download the software for Windows and macOS

 2: Insert your SD Card and Check on Recoverit if the card shows on your computer

 3: Find your memory card from the menu page and select it

 4: Press Start

 5: The software will start scanning your SD Card, wait for the process to finish

 6: After the scan has finished, the software will show all the files that you can recover from your memory card, select all the files you want to save

 7: Click on Recover

 8: Wait for the recovering process to complete then check your recovered files

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If you are often experiencing memory card corruption or lost files, this indicates that your memory card is about to die. To prevent further data loss, you should consider buying a new memory card. Check out some of our reviews on the best memory cards on the market below.


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