Your GoPro’s SD card is an indispensable accessory for capturing and storing your footage. When you format the SD card, you erase all of the existing data and renew it for your next shoot. It’s important to download and save your data before formatting. You have three options for formatting your SD card:

  1. In-camera: It’s a good practice to format the SD card using the camera itself. This method provides better performance and doesn’t affect the card’s functionality. To format the card, insert it in your GoPro and turn it on. Then, select the desired options from the menu and click Delete to complete the process.
  2. Using the GoPro app: You can also format the SD card using the GoPro app, which is a straightforward process. Insert the SD card in the camera and turn it on, then connect the camera to the GoPro app using a WiFi/Bluetooth connection. Select the desired option from the app’s settings and choose Delete.
  3. On your computer: Another option is to format the SD card using your computer. Connect the card to your computer using an external card reader, then select the required options from the menu to format the card.

The formatting methods outlined below will enable you to safely format your GoPro SD memory card. Keep reading to learn more…


Format Your GoPro SD Card In Camera (All GoPro’s Models)

To ensure that your SD card maintains its performance and functionality, it is recommended and necessary to format it in your camera. The process may vary for different GoPro models.

For optimal performance and results, it’s recommended to use GoPro’s recommended memory cards. Check out The Official List of 7 Best SD Cards Recommended by GoPro.

Although, I have different view on what are the perfect memory cards for GoPro. Read the following article to know my opinion on Top 7 Best SD Memory Cards for GoPro.

You might need to clone an SD card for different reasons, including creating data backups, moving data to a fresh card, replicating configurations on multiple devices, or sharing content in a more efficient manner.

Find out how to do this by checking out the article: [SD Clone Guide] – How to Clone Your SD Cards in Seconds.



format sd card in the camera

For the GoPro HERO8 Black:┬áinsert the card and turn on the camera. Swipe down on the back screen to access the Main Menu, then go to Preferences, scroll down and select “Reset,” followed by “Format SD card,” and click “Format.”

For the GoPro HERO7 (Black / Silver / White) and HERO6 (Black) or HERO5 (Black), insert the card and turn on the camera, open the menu on the back screen, go to Preferences, select “Reset,” and choose “Format SD Card” and click “Format.”

For the GoPro HERO5 Session, HERO4 Session, or HERO Session, you will need to use the GoPro App to format the SD card.

For the GoPro HERO4 (Black / Silver) and Fusion & Max, insert the card and turn on the camera, select Setup (Press top button), then scroll down and select Delete (trash can icon). Choose All/Format and click “Delete,” followed by “Format.”

Make sure to follow these steps for your specific GoPro model before embarking on your next adventure to capture unforgettable moments.


Format Your GoPro SD Card With GoPro Quik App

Formatting SD cards using the GoPro Quik App is a convenient and straightforward process. This feature is supported by all models that have WiFi capabilities.

To format your SD card using the GoPro Quik App:

  1. Insert the microSD card into the camera and connect it to the app via WiFi or Bluetooth.
  2. Next, go to Settings in the GoPro App and scroll down to the Delete section.
  3. Select “Delete All Files from SD Card” to complete the formatting process.

format sd card using gopro app

And there you go.. you are ready to capture brand-new adventures!


Format Your GoPro SD Card On The Computer

The third and final method to format your SD card is by using your computer. You will need an external card reader to connect the SD card to your PC, and it’s important to download all the data on the card before formatting.

How to Format GoPro Memory Card on Windows

1. Connect the SD card to the computer using an external card reader.

2. Open “My Computer” and select the SD card device.

3. Right-click on the SD card and choose the “Format” option from the pop-up menu.

format sd card windows step 1


4. In the Format window, select the correct format options, such as FAT32 for 32GB SD cards and EXFAT for 64GB SD cards.

5. Select the “Quick Format” checkbox.

quick format format sd card

6. Click on the “Start” button to initiate the formatting process.

7. Wait for the process to complete.

8. Safely eject the SD card from the computer and insert it back into your GoPro camera.


How To Format GoPro Memory Card on Mac

1. Connect the SD card to your Mac using a card reader.

2. Open the Disk Utility app.

3. Select your SD card from the list (if it hasn’t been formatted before, it may have a name like “NO NAME” or “UNTITLED”).

format sd card on mac

4. Click on “Erase” in the top menu bar.

5. Optionally, enter a name for the SD card.

6. Choose the appropriate filesystem format. For SD cards with a capacity of 64GB or larger, choose EXFAT. For those with a capacity of 32GB or smaller, choose FAT32.

format sd card on mac step 27. Click on the “Erase” button to begin the formatting process.

Note that if you’re using Mac OS 10.6.5 or earlier, you won’t be able to format 64GB SD cards as EXFAT is not supported. You can either upgrade your OS to 10.6.6 or later, or use an SD card that’s already formatted to MS-DOS (FAT) or FAT32.

What is The Fastest and Easiest Way to Format GoPro SD Card?

When it comes to formatting an SD card, there is no one-size-fits-all approach that can be considered the “best” method. The most suitable method for formatting an SD card depends on your specific needs and circumstances. Some people prefer to format their SD card using their camera, while others find it more convenient to use their computer or a mobile app.

However, regardless of the method you choose, it is essential to format your GoPro SD card regularly to ensure that it performs optimally and functions correctly. Formatting the SD card in your camera is a good practice that can help maintain the quality and reliability of your camera. It is also advisable to recharge all GoPro batteries before every session to avoid running out of power and missing out on capturing precious moments.

Taking these simple steps can help you get the most out of your GoPro camera and ensure that it operates smoothly and efficiently. Whether you’re planning a hiking trip or a day at the beach, it’s always a good idea to prepare in advance and make sure that your camera and SD card are in top shape.


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